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Friday 19 June 2015

Keep It Quiet

Talking of challenges... I need one!’ arrives in my inbox.

I thought she was were doing

1. The 50 park runs challenge
2. The 500 miles in 500 days or something like that challenge

I can always see if they have any places still in the Vitruvian?

L also says she’s jealous of me booking into September’s Nottingham Half. I’m sure she’s not jealous really.

She declines my offer of a Vitruvian place and enters the Nottingham Womens' 10K instead. Shhhh though. Keep it quiet. She vowed she’d never do one. The existence of Women’s only races is a bit embarrassing, not to mention sexist but at least half the opposition is missing. So consequently I expect her to get a good placing.

(Friday 19th June)

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