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Friday 12 June 2015

Otley Bound

As I leave for the bus this morning I see L and the boys out on their morning walk, looking very in synch and in total harmony. They didn’t spot me though, as usual I think one of them was away with the fairies (Doggo) and the other was entirely focused on getting back home for his breakfast (MD).

Later L picks me up from work and we head up to Otley for the weekend. The route up the M1, M18 and A1 doesn’t go too badly as I munch crusty rolls packed with ham and cheese. That’s me, L has something green, crunchy and uber healthy. This impromptu snacking leaves more time for beer later.

There are four Good Beer Guide listed pubs in Otley, all about a mile away from the campsite. Two of which do food, one of the others has Old Peculiar on permanently and one has ‘CAMRA Yorkshire pub of the year’ plastered all over it which L cased when she cycled through here on the Tour de Yorkshire.

The Junction Inn is the one that has the Old Peculiar or it had until L got there. Almost immediately she’s drunk it dry whilst I dallied on a Milk Stout they had.

The Rose and Crown has Snecklifter on but also possibly Karaoke and a disco. The dogs wouldn’t approve, so we skip that.

The White Swan gets a visit but the best option is probably the Horse and Farrier which has a nice strong porter on.

(Friday 12th June)

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