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Monday 1 June 2015

The Six Percent

'Less than 6% of adults in UK can run a mile non stop'

L quotes that to me. Now if I’d quoted that to her, she’d have come back with ‘but I’m sooo unfit...’ I know her so well.

Now if only 6% can run a mile, how many can do a sprint triathlon? And how many can do a half-ironman? Then again, how many would want to?

I wonder how I’m going to get my stiff legs through dog training tonight, then find out I won’t have to. The weather returns to Outlaw Half mode, once more becoming wet and windy. Dogging is cancelled. It's too windy, it will blow everything over and probably blow our little dog off the equipment.

I rush home and hobble out into the rain to chuck some grass seed down instead. You have to take these opportunities.

Then we get the foam roller out, I have some restoration work to do before Sunday.

(Monday 1st June)

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