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Saturday 13 June 2015

Going Feral

Did I mention we’re camping at a dog show? Yes it is true. There are no showers on site, so we go feral and it’s out with the wet wipes. All good practice for Glastonbury.

With it being a Saturday, naturally L has to do a Parkrun. Which means an early start and a trip by bus but she gets there, to a place called Woodhouse Moor on the outskirts of Leeds.

Apparently a nice chap with a tray of cakes helped her find the start. Is there such a thing are not-nice man with cakes? Naturally he was just softening her up for the three loops. Shoot her now. She’ll be ready for that post-run chocolate brownie.

Her performance clearly upstages ours. We get eliminated in our first run for having the wrong collar on, with tags, that MD not me. I also told him to go 'through' the A Frame rather than 'over' it. Not a good start but little did I know at the time that this was to be our best run of the day. Five runs and not a sniff of a clear round.

We regroup in the pub later, trying the Otley Tap House before returning to the Horse and Farrier for more Porter and food. L discovers they sell a keg (sorry craft) version of Black Sheep’s Riggwelter. Then we make a return trip to the Junction Inn to see if they’ve replenished the OP, which thankfully they have.

(Saturday 13th June)

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