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Sunday 16 October 2016

A Cheesy Tour

Today we head off to Cropwell Bishop for a tour of the local cheese production area, namely the villages of Colston Bassett, Long Clawson and of course Cropwell Bishop itself. This is the Stilton Stumble in the home of Stilton Cheese and it comes in both a 10k and a 24k variety.

I would like to give the 24 a shot one day but with the Leicester Half Marathon next weekend, and the Derby Half still in my legs from last weekend, it’s just the 10 for me today. As it is for L.

It’s a somewhat soggy start at the Memorial Hall in Cropwell Bishop and nobody really wants to get stripped off too early. Perhaps the weather will improve once we get started? 

It doesn’t, it gets worse and a torrential downpour a few miles in is refreshing to say the least. The sun does finally come out, when we’ve finished.

By then I’ve been handed my block of Stilton, which is much much better than a medal, and I'm giving Doggo a leg up over a wall to get him in a good supporting position to bark L over the line.

Then it's time to dry out and to head to the Tennis Centre for a shower because obviously we don’t have one at home.

In the evening it’s the Horse and Jockey in Stapleford for dark ale number No 95 - Full Mash’s Northern Lights.

(Sunday 16th October)

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