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Saturday 15 October 2016

All Grown Up

I stay home this morning so that I can deal with British Gas who arrive to have a look at our recently broken thermostat while L heads off to the parkrun at far flung Rosliston on her own. She says making it there on her own, even without the help of that nicely irritating woman on my iphone, makes her feel all grown up.

British Gas aren't terribly impressed with our electrician’s hot wiring of the old thermostat. Tell me about it. We’re not terribly impressed with our electrician full stop but the BG man doesn’t want to hear my sob story and quickly fits a new one just to shut me up.

The jobs soon a good’un as they say and I take the dogs on park. Then I meet L at John Carroll where she has headed post-parkrun for Pilates. I’ve just come for a hot shower because obviously we don’t have one at home any more. Turns out she’s in the shower as well, so we could have saved water and shared. Instead I share with a couple of families who appear to have just turned up at the leisure centre purely to shower their offspring.

Then it’s Derby v Leeds, a tasty reintroduction for Steve McClaren’s first game back. McClaren has been apologising profusely for the last few days about pretty much anything he can think of that might have been his fault. Yep, probably even Brexit, Donald Trump and the making of the new Bridget Jones film are all down to Steve.

So a contrite McClaren doesn’t quite get the hostile reception he probably deserved just an indifferent one. The indifference is then eased by a rare Derby goal and an even rarer 1-0 win.

(Saturday 15th October)

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