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Friday 28 October 2016

No Visible Signs

Day 19

No sign of the builders at our place but I do get two communications from the bathroom shop. The first to say that our latest new toilet will be delivered today, so hopefully they’ll be a builder there by then to receive it.

Then an hilarious second one from Customer Care asking how we are finding our new bathroom is. Erm, unfinished? I had to correct the poor girl on a few matters.

She then made a few enquiries and rang me back. Our toilet has been delivered to their shop and is waiting for our builder to collect it. So its Friday install date isn’t looking like this particular Friday. I’m sure L won’t be too surprised to see the old one still in situ when she gets home.

I get home to find no visible signs of builder attendance at all today, so no progress. Oh well, it’s a good excuse to open a few beers.

L heads upstairs with an Old Norwegian in one hand and an old Derbeian/Nottinghamian hybrid in the other.

(Friday 28th October)

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