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Tuesday 18 October 2016

Fairies At The Bottom Of The Garden

I’m in the car, so that I can head home at lunchtime to check on the dogs but also to check that we actually have a workman in the house.

When I visit, the dogs seem fine. As I opened the bedroom door MD lifted his head off the bed and opened one eye to acknowledge my presence but I had to prod the one with the dodgy ticker (gently) so that he noticed me. I also had to prod the workman who was languishing in his van. I suppose I should be grateful he's here at all.

I kept trying to talk to him about his toilet/sink plans but his phone kept ringing so I gave up. He's still working on the ceiling lights but does appear to have done a bit more of the shower plumbing. It would be stating the obvious to say he still has a huge amount to do.

Then we then had about 15 minutes of ball, with the dogs not the plumber, before I headed off back to work.

Then the bathroom shop ring me to say they have found us a toilet and will deliver it on Friday.
Apparently our plumber had rang them and told them it was holding his tiling up... erm, what tiling? But whatever, he’s persuaded them to have a look down the back of a big sofa somewhere and they now have one.

I am guessing they have pinched this off somebody else’s order and right now they are ringing that person to tell them the toilet they thought they’d reserved is currently out of stock...

The plumber then rings me himself, in triumphant mood, to also tell me about the toilet and to say he’s now finished for the day. Which is an impressively long day for him finishing at ten past four. He also assures me he’ll be there promptly at 8:30am tomorrow.

Everyone still assures us it will all be finished on Friday... so there you go. I believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden as well. Although if there are, we’ll have to apologise to MD who's been saying that (loudly) for years.

After work I go for a shower at the velodrome because obviously we don’t have one. Then I head off to my parent's place and then the match. Derby revert to type and fail to score in a 0-0 draw with Brentford. We recover afterwards in the Navigation.

(Tuesday 18th October)

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