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Thursday 27 October 2016


Day 18

L falls over MD's bed in the dark. It's usually in the hall but is now in an unfamiliar place in the kitchen due to the ongoing bathroom refurb. I've fallen over it practically every day since it moved there but L does these things much better than me and goes full length on the tiled floor, banging her knee and gashing her shin. 

She still manages to struggle to the pool but is already considering wine tonight. Will that help? Probably not but it’s a decent anaesthetic. 

I’m on the bike again but it’s hard work. I’m feeling a bit down on power today.

There is not a word from the building site today. So it will be a nice surprise if we get home and something has been done.

I get home to find that the builder appears to have been in the house, move his tools around a bit and made a cup of tea but that’s all. No progress.

L runs to squash where I heroically lose 5-1 before we hit the Navigation.

(Thursday 27th October)

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