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Wednesday 19 October 2016

Famous Last Words

Day 10

I finally manage to get on the bike while L waits in for Bob the Builder who gets his 8:30am mixed up with some another 8:30am in a different time zone. She spends the time wondering how easy it would be to reinstall our lovely old bath.

When he finally turns up L tells him about the latest problem e.g. our kitchen sink flooding the bathroom and duly repeats the flooding when he asks for a demo. 

Bob reveals the secrets of getting the toilet you have paid for when you ordered it for... he told them how stroppy we were being with him and that it was a really unpleasant atmosphere to work in. So that's our reputation blown then and to think L went out to buy a bag of white sugar especially for his tea. Perhaps he deserves his sugar if he’s got us a loo. 

I consider that perhaps I did ought to start getting stroppy with him.

Then we find out we have a new young chap who gets the rest of the ceiling up, gets the lights working and starts tiling. He asks whether we want them straight or laid like bricks? I tell him to just get the bloody things on the wall asap. 

The new chap says things will speed up now he's here. Famous last words. I still can’t see how there’s any way on earth it will be finished this week even if they both start doing all nighters.

Oh, and apparently they doesn't paint the ceiling, we have to do that. Bargain.

The Nottingham Half Marathon will have yet another new route for 2017. Now there’s a surprise. There is just one small tweak as they have removed the dead turn on Abbey Street but they’ve still left the one in on Derby Road. That’ll be 2018’s tweak I would imagine.

Dog training tonight and then a pint of Wainwrights in the Masons with L.

(Wednesday 19th October) 

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