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Monday 10 October 2016

In In In

I enjoy my last shower in the old shower, standing on one leg to avoid the cracks underfoot like we have been doing for the past few months. It will be missed. Today the bathroom redevelopment starts.

I’m on tenterhooks. L’s on tenterhooks. The dogs are on tenterhooks. Everyone is on tenterhooks waiting for the workmen to arrive. The phone rings, they’re running a bit late. Not a good start.

Today Thunder Run entries go live and we are both keeping our eye on Facebook for any news.

‘Get in. Get in. In. In. In.’

I wonder if that’s good news or just panic.

Meanwhile L reports fab smashing sounds coming from the bathroom. Doggo seems to disagree about the ‘fab’ bit and has made himself at home in the wardrobe in the spare room where he curls up on my running shoes and old squash racquets. He best be careful with those antique racquets.

MD couldn’t care less and has no intention of passing up the opportunity of kipping on a real bed and wouldn’t have minded in the slightest if World War Three was going on in his own household.

L goes off to see if she can remember how to run with the Rebel Runners at Portland and to perhaps celebrate our Thunder Run entry as we do appear to be ‘in in in’ as they say. I scrape Doggo out of the wardrobe and head off to dogging.

(Monday 10th October)

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