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Tuesday 11 October 2016

Don't Mention The Plumbing

Our workman chap spent all day yesterday chipping off the tiles. The bath is now unusable but the sink is still in situ so I manage to get a wash in the bathroom at least. Then I head off on the bike to work.

The workmen turn up for today's shift and Doggo goes in the wardrobe. They have a bit of a snigger at him as he does look rather pathetic but then he has always specialised in pathetic. We could always get him a nice dog basket instead. MD is curled up looking very comfortable on the spare bed.

The workman asks if we'd had a bit of a bath leak. As if. Like a colander. He blames the convoluted piping that is trying to drain upwards instead of downwards. Ah, family plumbing services. He says it's a miracle we weren't flooded out years ago but there’s no reason for him to demonstrate, there’s water everywhere. They'll probably have to come in wetsuits tomorrow.

They are also marvelling at the straw in the walls, an ancient form of insulation, in our crazy house. It doesn’t sound like they’ve worked on these bungalows before. If they think the straw is impressive they’ve got plenty of other surprises to come. Wait until he tries to tile the concave walls.

The men leave early again, they are very part time, and L sends me a photo of a very pleased looking dog climbing out of the wardrobe. Clearly he has eaten something he shouldn’t.

Squash tonight and I storm into an early lead with my opponent complaining of being ill. Then he rises like Lazarus and wins 4-1. L is at book club, so doesn’t join us in the Navigation but we make up for it with a couple of glasses of wine back at home. 

(Tuesday 11th October)

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