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Tuesday, 4 October 2016


I bike, L swims. I hope she didn’t take the wrong kit like I did last night.

We seem to have blocked pipes and the normal unblock stuff from Sainsbury’s doesn't shift it. L’s googling recommends a cocktail of bicarbonate soda, vinegar and hot water. Which is probably only a couple of ingredients short of bomb making. I give her permission to pinch my wine vinegar.

The bathroom people ring and tell me that despite the fact we ordered it back in early July, and paid a 20% deposit, the toilet we chose is now out of stock. So we can either choose another one or stick with ours until they can get one sent to us at end of October. FFS springs to mind. I think somebody doesn’t understand the accepted use of the word ‘deposit’.

L meets Daughter at the train station. She's back in Nottingham yet again, sadly this time it is for the occasion of L’s brother funeral tomorrow. They both join us in the Navigation pub where we go after squash.

I lose 4-1 but I was just about to make it 4-2 because I was 9-3 up when the next pair of players knocked on the door. I'm sure I saw money change hands.

(Tuesday 4th October)

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