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Monday 31 October 2016

The Man Says Yes

Day 22

L locks the builders out this morning, possibly deliberately although she says not. For once he turns up early and before we can rectify the problem but at least we know he’s been today.

I email the bathroom shop to moan about all the delays and ask them to paint the ceiling. I think they should considering what we’re paying them but I’m sure they won’t.

I get home to discover we have a new toilet and almost a new sink. Which is in but not connected and not fastened down yet. The man himself tells me it isn’t finished (obviously) but will be tomorrow and it will look great. All finished? Everything? By tomorrow evening? The man says yes... Ha ha.

Dogging tonight goes to a vote, a re-vote and a re-count or at least it appears to. Eventually it is decided there isn’t enough of us and it is cancelled again. 

(Monday 31st October)

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