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Wednesday 12 October 2016

Bathroom Project Day 3 (Progress Report)

The bath and sink have gone, so it’s a strip wash in the kitchen then before getting on the bike to work. The workman rings, he’s running a bit late... again. He doesn’t like starting early.

Today they are doing the ceiling. I think that’s because after yesterday’s flood it’s the only bit that’s dry enough to work on. Then, suddenly, we have no central heating. So we blame the workmen naturally but apparently that’s not the case and the thermostat is bust. Good job it’s not cold. Although I think L disagrees.

She escapes the building site (and the cold) to go into work. She takes the dogs with her but unfortunately the route to work is the same as the route to the Forest Rec parkrun, so they get a tad excited. 

Frank Turner personally emailed me yesterday to tell me that his 2000th gig will be at Rock City in December and that tickets will be available this morning by way of a ballot. Of course I’m rubbish at ballots and he also tells another 20,000 other people. So obviously I don’t get any tickets.

While I am out at lunch, in the pub naturally, Derby reappoint Steve McClaren. What? Would you take your ex back after she'd ran off with someone richer and more famous than you? Would you hell! 

I go dog training and then meet L afterwards for a Wainwright in Masons.

(Wednesday 12th October)

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