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Monday 17 October 2016

Bathroom Project Day 8 (Progress Report)

So it’s day 8 of the Bathroom Project Day and time for a Progress Report. There is no progress, we have no plumber.

Apparently his van wouldn’t start this morning and he’s getting it looked at. Either that or he just fancied a lie-in.

L can no longer skive off work any longer to babysit our non-plumber so she heads into work. If he turns up I’ll nip over to let him in but I’m not sure we’ll see him today.

I have the car but I don’t do the shopping as I usually do on a Monday just in case our illusive plumber rings requesting access to the house but of course he doesn’t.

Meanwhile L has to deal with another of those tricky questions about sex. This time on the UK organ donation scheme. 

Are you Male, Female, Transgender, Other or Prefer not to say?

There's no mention of non-binary and they will be so offended by being labelled as ‘Other’. A survey I had the other day listed ‘Intersex’ as an option. It appears the possibilities are now endless.

We have both dogs at the vets tonight, so I have to enlist L’s help. MD is back for part two of the new ‘improved’ vaccine known as Lepto 4. While we opt to keep Doggo on the old single dose Lepto 2 vaccine. Possibly because he’s older and he’s survived this long on the old one but also I really really cannot be bothered to come back again.

The vet also tells us Doggo has a slight heart murmur and dodgy knees. Welcome to old age mate. He’s still up for a damn good bark at dog training though.

(Monday 17th October)

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