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Friday 7 October 2016


I cycle to work while L waits in for the bathroom stuff to be delivered. It arrives fairly early so that she can head into work at a reasonable time. There is so much of it that it overflows the spare room and we can't shut the door. A barricade has to be constructed to keep the dogs out because Doggo would probably eat the toilet if he got chance, if there was a toilet, which there isn't obviously.

My order of Swannay beers from Orkney have arrived and I can tuck into them tonight, among other things.

MD is not terribly happy about us spending another night lounging around in the bedroom and while I sup my Orkney Porter I contemplate how long it would take for him to get the hang of me throwing the ball out of the upstairs window, him running downstairs to get it from the garden and then bringing it back up to us again. Not long I would guess.

(Friday 7th October)

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