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Monday 3 October 2016

Major Incident Averted

The legs are a bit sore this morning but not too bad. I’m in the car anyway as I usually tend to be on a Monday.

Dog training is cancelled due to a lack of people. So I execute my carefully prepared backup plan and head to John Carroll for a swim.

I often scoff at L will she goes swimming and forgets her towel or forgets to take her underwear but I don’t think she’s ever turned up with a bag of cycling kit rather than swimming kit. Oops. There’s nothing in the identical black drawstring bag that could be swam in, well not that wouldn’t cause a major incident, so I have to abort and head home.

L is out of the ‘lash’ tonight at Le Bistrot Pierre in Derby. I head over later to escort her home.

(Monday 3rd October)

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