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Tuesday 18 April 2017

A Completely Different Animal

With yesterday being a bank holiday and therefore the Leisure Centre being shut, my Monday 50m swim becomes the Tuesday 50m swim but it’s a completely different animal.

Monday morning is the only morning when they open three lanes, the rest of the week it's just two. So it is either a case of playing follow my leader in the nose to tail congestion that is lane one or to mix it with the big boys and girls in lane two. Naturally I chose the latter and am therefore exhausted afterwards. I also swam for an extra ten minutes but due to the lightness of the traffic I am still in work for 8.15.

Theresa May calls a press conference and we all assume she’s going to resign but no, she calls a ‘snap’ election. What joy.

At dogging in the evening we initiate a new recruit who also turns out to be a marathon runner and a triathlete. We don’t get too many of those in the club. She also trying to outdo me already and has a sportive this weekend with an open water tri also booked. She’s also swam Windermere. Great North Swim? I ask. No, ten miles, end to end. Gulp. I nearly mentioned my upcoming half arsed before I realised this person was well capable of doing a full arsed in their sleep. So kept stumm.

No L tonight, so no pub and no Wainwrights.

(Tuesday 18th April)

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