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Tuesday 11 April 2017

How Not To be A Bitch

I join L and the boys on the park this morning and then take the car to work. I still have a hobble after Sunday’s hill climbing and I’m still walking a bit like Doggo, who’s nearly sixteen, but then when has a good sniff and a zigzag hurt anyone. 

Plus I really must get a haircut, needs must, the few remaining strands of my are getting in my eyes. L also gets her hair done today and apparently goes for the Cadbury's Dairy Milk look. I don’t.

Once in work, rather than working, L is looking up the likes of ’10 easy ways to not be a bitch’, for some reason.

In a nutshell this comes down to the five ‘gets’ - get some self control, get some food, get some exercise, get laid and get a puppy. Sounds about right.

(Tuesday 11th April)

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