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Wednesday 19 April 2017

Nothing But The Best

Doggo continues to insist on nothing but the best for breakfast, as a dog of his senior years would probably expect. Not everyone gets gravy for breakfast but he does.

I cycle to work while L hits the gym. Then she bombards me with an endless steam of emails. Busy are we?

It’s still the Easter holidays and her boss is away, so there’s not much going on at her work. She says she’ll take Friday off if things don’t pick up. The dogs will certainly make sure she’s not bored if she spends the day at home.

In the evening, she takes the car over to Mickleover to visit her parents which means I have to break the news to her that the car is currently refusing to turn right or rather it’s refusing to indicate that’s what you wish it to do.

(Wednesday 19th April)

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