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Monday, 10 April 2017

A Juggling Convention

I swim this morning while L opts for Pilates. I could barely get in the car park at Harvey Hadden though, even at 6.30am, as they had a Juggling Convention going on in the sports hall and they were all obviously early birds. Afterwards it was a really easy trip to work due to the Easter holidays.

L has resorted to one of those couch to 5k programmes in an attempt to get herself back in to running, gently. 5k is her distance of choice at the moment although I’m sure she longs for something longer even if it came with a dayglow t-shirt and a crap goodie bag.

She also asks if I mind if she has a quick blast at the gym... I think I would mind more if she didn’t go to the gym. You shouldn’t shirk on a workout.

Outdoor dogging tonight, in the sun.

(Monday 10th April)

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