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Friday 21 April 2017


Doggo must now really look forward to see what we’re going give him every meal time to liven up his dog food up as dog food alone now seems to be below him. I was torn as to whether to give him leftover potatoes for breakfast and to save the leftover rice for tea but I indulged him in the end and gave him both. Of course none of these are actually ‘leftover’ as we now routinely cook extra just for him.

I bike to work while L has a leisurely morning at home. Ball chucking, cleaning a few windows while chucking a ball, hanging out washing while chucking a ball, that sort of thing. Then she goes into work for a bit just so that she can have a cup of tea without chucking a ball.

Then she heads off to her romantic lunch date. Which is with me, in case you're wondering. We meet in Derby and I indulge her with the £5 pint and a sandwich deal at the Brunswick. Hopefully I’m on a promise for later after such indulgence. 

(Friday 21st April)

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