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Monday, 17 April 2017

Not Too Disheartening

Today its time to revisit the Easter 10k on Wollaton Park. This is a real old school event with big queues for registration, a delayed start and no mile or kilometres markers at all. They have dabbled with such high tech devices over the years but have never actually managed to cover the whole course for some reason, now they seem to have given up completely.

Although a jog around my local park is always pleasant, except when it’s raining and it isn’t today, this is just for training purposes. So it’s nice to find out that I am actually 30 seconds quicker than when I last ran it three years ago. Not that my time is quick by any stretch of the imagination or comparison to ‘back in the day’ but at least it’s not too disheartening.

Then it’s the Easter Monday football match which naturally isn’t at 3pm but at 5pm. Pffft.

After getting home from that, might as well go straight to bed. Luckily L seems to agree. 

(Monday 17th April)

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