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Saturday 8 April 2017

Lots To Work On

Today it’s our first outdoor dog show of the season which we trek up to Scunthorpe for where they are holding a Championship level show. This means there will be some stiff competition as we move up into Grade 6.

MD and I remain on speaking terms after our first run despite demolishing the second jump (my fault) and aborting the weaves (his fault) because everything else including all his contacts were very good.

Then I walk our three remaining courses one after the other, which means that those runs now become a bit of a memory test. We then rattle through these runs all before lunch. We have no clear rounds but I still feel we have done well on some very tough courses. Although we have lots to work on but it’s so good to be back in the challenge that is Grade 6, I’ve really missed it since Doggo retired.

The bonus is the early finish, this is my sort of show, which leaves me plenty of time for a spot of puppy shopping. I’m just casting my eye over the smaller dogs, should we need one at some point in future. Then I rush home to see if I can catch L off guard and on her own.

She has spent her morning tail running at parkrun. Far too much of her morning it seems as she ended up pushing a pushchair for someone and taking 15 minutes longer than last week. It must have been a good workout though.

AF tonight, Sheffield Half tomorrow. 

(Saturday 8th April)

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