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Thursday 20 April 2017

A Shambolic Process

On the bike today and slightly damp as it rains on me for the first time in a while.

We have one entry into the new London Landmarks Half Marathon which was a shambolic process but I think these races like it this way as it gets them talked about. In the end preregistering was pointless, as entries were open to anyone whether they’d preregistered or not, and you could only do one entry at a time. It was easy enough to get myself a place but by the time I’d done that and started over again entering L’s details the race was full. So the internet is now awash with people who are in but their partner isn’t. Like us.

The website also said it would hold your place for 15 minutes once you were on, to give you time to enter you details but this turned out to be untrue. Cue meltdown on Facebook.

There were actually only half of the 10000 places available, the rest are now being offered as charity places and cost about eight times the standard place. If the race was a concert, this would be referred to ticket touting.

Squash tonight, to which L walks with MD. Then afterwards we do two pubs in a night as we go to both the Navigation and the Dispensary at the request of my (usually non drinking) opponent.

(Thursday 20th April)

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