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Tuesday 25 April 2017

Game Of Chase

It’s still cold this morning, so it’s a chilly bike ride in but, of course, the chill can always be alleviated by a game of chase.

For once I manage to find a cyclist that I can actually catch and the one I chase down on way out of Wollaton turns out to be girl who, when she sees me, promptly speeds up in an attempt to evade capture even though it appears to be practically killing her to do so. Obviously, I’m well used to this natural female reaction to my presence or perhaps it’s just the natural reaction of one cyclist to attempt to stay ahead of another cyclist.

When I finally do put her out of her misery, catch and pass her, she eases off before dropping like a stone into the distance. Clearly relieved to not have to ride fast any more or perhaps just glad to be free of the weirdo who was cycling behind her.

Not having seen Daughter for ages since she moved out, two days ago, she accepts an offer to come round for tea tonight.

(Tuesday 25th April)

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