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Thursday 13 April 2017

May Involve Cake

I do the dogs this morning which means they get a walk rather than a ball session. So Doggo certainly enjoyed it but I’m not so sure about MD. What’s life without balls, poor lamb.

L has an 8.30am physio appointment in Hyson Green on the NHS because the private stuff is bankrupting us. Sadly this turns out to be a disappointment as it ends up being just an assessment to see if she needs physio which obviously she does! Hopes were not high anyway as the last NHS physio she had was ‘hands free’, so a bit crap, but to get crap pre-physio assessment is beyond crap. She now has an appointment for 5th May, so another three week delay.

No squash tonight, instead we are meeting some friends for coffee at Quad in Derby. I make sure I’m there early this time as last time they ran off before I got there. I do try to not take these things personally. I have been warned that it may involve cake.

It’s only a brief social occasion and I could have played squash later but sadly anything after 8pm is too late for my opponent. This is probably why he always wins, its at that sort of time I start to come alive. 

(Thursday 13th April)

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