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Sunday 2 April 2017

Above My Station

After last night’s Grapes disaster we certainly needed a long, recuperating lie-in this morning and thankfully there was one in the schedule.

Sadly also in the schedule was some gardening. Which unfortunately had to be done if we’re to not lose MD’s ball amongst the undergrowth. Although some might say this would be a good thing.

In the evening I have a track session booked which is good and hard, as usual, but totally do-able. That is until I am selected for the A-Team for the Team Pursuit. Well the other three were the A-Team whereas I was promoted well above my station from the C-Team. After trying and failing to keep up with the rest of my team for eight laps, although I do manage five, I deduce that the coach is trying to kill me.

The pint in the Exeter afterwards is very welcome. 

(Sunday 2nd April)

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