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Tuesday 4 April 2017

Message To Potential Burglars

This morning Doggo and I join L and MD on the park, then I drive to work. Where I get a place in the car park but then can’t get in the front door. The panel where we enter our door code has been malfunctioning for a while and now seems to have ceased working completely. Consequently, there is quite queue outside today.

Eventually we manage to break in by forcing the door as it’s only held on a strong magnet that clearly isn’t that strong. So the message to any potential burglars is that you don’t actually need the code...

I’m in the car today because there’s a match tonight where, oddly, Derby slaughter Fulham 4-2. Our new leader seems to think we can still reach the play offs but I have no idea what he's sniffing or why he’s even saying that. There are approximately zero supporters who want us to reach the play offs with the current team as we’d surely get hammered by any of the current top six. And if we did reach the play offs and went up with this team.... it doesn’t bear thinking about.

My mother who is struggling with her knee doesn't go after having had an injection in the troublesome joint earlier in the day.

(Tuesday 4th April)

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