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Friday 14 April 2017

The Four Days Of Easter

It’s the first day of Easter today. Bugger the twelve days of Christmas give me the four days of Easter any day.

Easter is basically, to me at least, an upgrade on Christmas with none of the hassle. I mean unless you’re really really keen, or really really gullible, there’s no buying of presents, no buying of cards and no family commitments.

What’s more you are guaranteed a four day break from work without touching your annual leave because Easter always conveniently falls on a weekend. Then there's the fact that most things continue as usual, even the football is generally on the days you’d expect it to be, plus the pubs are open as normal on all four days. What’s not to like?

There’s even Easter Dogging which I indulge in today. It’s our second outdoor show at Grade 6 but the contrast from the Championship level show last weekend to this more local show is vast. The standard is crap basically. Not that we exactly rise above the general crapness. We have one official clear round and one unofficial one as we were 0.1 seconds out of time. I took it slow because no one else was going clear and then undercooked it.

However the general crapness of everyone else benefits us in the end when we get a rosette for 4th with ten faults. That’s shocking, and the sort of thing you’d expect in Grade 1 or 2 not Grade 6, but we don’t turn it down. 

(Friday 14th April)

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