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Friday 28 April 2017

Pensionable Age

On the bike again today.

I think I’ve got problems with old age now that I’m 50 but L has had an email telling her she can draw her pension after her 55th next week. Well, it was age 50 when I started by personal pension so we could have been pensioners together.

Doggo is, of course, already of pensionable age and now we’re got MD, who seems to be slowing down. Probably not too surprising as today is his birthday. He's 9, blimey, and still the puppy. In the evening, we order curry and we get him his own naan bread as a treat. 

Talking of birthdays...

We’re got a bit behind with the old Top of the Pops, what with having a lodger but we’re back on it now. It is now 34 years since TOTP celebrated its 1000th edition which was originally on the 5th May 1983. That’s some milestone, although the show eventually well exceeded 2000.

Sadly the BBC repeated the 999th and the 1001st editions but the skipped over the 1000th because inevitably Jimmy Savile and other persona non grata were there. So they denied us a chance to relive that milestone because they wouldn’t edit it. Luckily it’s all available on Youtube.

I recorded the 1000th show at the time onto a music cassette as it was also broadcast live on the radio that night and I played it regularly afterwards, such was the esteem held for TOTP in those days. It will be in the loft somewhere I’m sure but probably not in a good state.

(Friday 28th April)

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