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Wednesday 26 April 2017

Identikit Dullness

I’m on the bus today, for a rest. Whisper it quietly but I’m feeling a bit knackered.

I book tickets for Bananarama at Birmingham’s NIA because the Theatre Royal in Nottingham sold out instantly. Well before instantly actually, I think they all went on 'pre-sale'. At least we can probably combine the gig with a night out in the second city. I was hoping they’d have some standing tickets but I think they've assumed that none of their audience will be young enough or fit enough to do something like that. So we have seats, which are probably in a different post code to the stage.

L says she’ll try and find some glitter. Glitter? I'm not sure why...

Daughter is having internet problems at her new abode. All properties do this thing where the previous tenant has to have everything disconnected only for the next tenant to have to pay through the nose to have everything reconnected. Then because it’s invariably different people doing the connecting, it all goes pear shaped. As it the case here. They even tell her to be in, so she has the day off, only to not turn up and then say she didn’t need to be in after all.

Dogging tonight and it’s all on a course that I requested and which did for us at Scunthorpe dog show the other week. Well it is my birthday tomorrow.

I meet L afterwards in the Masons where they have clearly been working hard on NOT celebrating my birthday given the identikit dullness of their beer selection of Bass, Pedigree, Speckled Hen and Harvest Pale. Ho hum.

(Wednesday 26th April)

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