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Friday 29 April 2011

Champagne Breakfast

Now there’s some sort of wedding thing going on today, which I didn’t intend to get involved in at all. It’s nothing personal, I don’t really like weddings full stop, which is probably one of the reasons why I’ve yet to have one of my own.

I think it was the incessant media coverage that swayed me in the end, maybe the incessant ‘how to avoid the wedding' coverage. So I thought I’d rebel against the rebellion and watch it. Those folk complaining about having to miss their usual Jeremy Kyle fix should be at work anyway, as given their opinions, taking the bank holiday off would have made them a bit of a hypocrite.

Or perhaps it was L’s champagne breakfast that swung it. Which sadly wasn’t served in bed, so I had to get up for it and once up, watch the wedding perhaps. Eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and croissants, all with champagne. Which sounds a bit like breakfast, dinner and tea all rolled into one. It should probably have been something posher but he is marrying a commoner.

The service was dull of course but apparently the dress was alright, so I’m told and the brides sister's rear end was better than alright, so I’m told. I just enjoyed the people watching, which was fascinating.

So Will mate, you've survived the university partying, the drink, the women, the see-through dresses, eight years of ‘living in sin’ and now you're married, so they'll be expecting you to knock out a few kids but no, you'll be getting a collie next. Right?

(Friday 29th April)

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