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Monday, 4 April 2011

Tunnel Aversion Therapy

The legs are ok this morning. In fact too ok because I manage the stairs at work with no problems at all. So obviously I could have been quicker yesterday. L says wait until I've done the wonderfully named 'Potters Arf', which she tells me she’s just posted my entry for. Wonderful...

I offer to return the ‘favour’ for a race of her choosing. As she replies ‘surprise me’, I start googling for the next year’s Sleaford Half Marathon, her favourite race, not. Until ‘on second thoughts ... I'll think about it’ arrives. Damn. I had the perfect birthday present lined up there.

According to the 10k results in the Derby Evening Telegraph I’ve gone back two places in 24 hours. Hmmm, I bet someone followed by idea and wore two chips. On closer inspection it seems the DET did them in chip time order, where’s the official results are in finish order. Panic over.

In Japan they have rescued a dog who was found floating on the roof of a house that was washed out to sea by the tsunami three weeks ago. Great to see it looking so well after three weeks on the roof. Wonder what it ate to stay alive? Unless... I’m waiting for someone to confess that he hasn’t been missing for three weeks and someone put him on the roof only the other day because he wouldn’t stop barking... We'll find MD floating in the middle of Wollaton Park Lake one of these days.

Talking of the vocal one, he’s booked in for tunnel aversion therapy tonight, after his disinclination to go through the damn things on Saturday. Aka extra training. He takes it all in his noisy stride and I think we made progress.

(Monday 4th April)

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