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Sunday 17 April 2011

Old Peculiar vs Snecklifter Challenge - Results

Day two and the conclusion of the Snecklifter versus Old Peculiar challenge. There’s a smaller crowd in today’s race, about half actually - 122 to 205 yesterday. Does this mean that everyone prefers Saturday races, like us, even though almost everybody arranges them for a Sunday? Or was their just better sport to be had elsewhere. Today even the organiser dons a number, runs it then awards himself the over 70s age category prize. He was the only over 70 there, but fair play to him.

L, who has a proper breakfast today and not just Pringles, runs in the race whilst I strap myself to MD and run up to the 2k marker. From where we watch/bark at the runners before running back to the finish where a disgruntled and abandoned Doggo is waiting in the car for us.

L is twelve seconds slower today. So does that mean Old Peculiar makes a better sports drink than Snecklifter? However, considering her race preparation strategy for the entire weekend... both her times this year were quicker than the three runs she's done here before. QED.

We stay for a leisurely late lunch before breaking camp and heading home.

The weather has been fantastic all weekend. Great fell walking weather, as it always is when we don't walk. Had that been our intention, conditions would obviously have been very different.

(Sunday 17th April)

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