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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Ears Still Attached

Somehow I get up early and take MD out for a training run. Doggo is not happy at being excluded from this venture and has to go back to bed to recover from it.

The park is closed, which MD doesn’t seem happy about and leaves them a little protest message by the gates. A message I have forgotten to bring a bag for, so I’ll have to return later.

We stick to the pavements and it goes well, apart from when MD tries to drag me under a parked car (after a cat) and later up a tree (after a squirrel) but it’s generally good. I think he’s getting the hang of it.

He then has to go out again on his morning walk with L. He didn’t expect two lots of exercise this morning. I suppose she could have just taken Doggo but then it would have been MD's turn to be unhappy. He can do unhappy far better and far noisier than Doggo. I think he would have preferred his breakfast before he left the house a second time and then probably again afterwards.

Then I cycle to work. Later I detour back via the pool for a swim. I get a bit carried away and do forty lengths. Then its home to trim MD’s ears with lawn mower and perhaps cut the lawn at the same time. This isn’t actually much of an undertaking since MD removed most of the grass from it. Cycle-Swim-Mow. I think I've done this Triathlon before.

I say trim his ears because he usually assaults the wheels of the lawn mower with his teeth. Not the safest of things to do. Tonight, he starts off a bit suspicious of the mowers' first appearance of the year and stays inside. Then he appears and stalks it from a distance for a while before finally plucking up the courage to attack it. Ears still attached though.

(Tuesday 19th April)

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