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Thursday, 14 April 2011

We Have Faith

There was an amusing article on the radio this morning about youth unemployment and the radio station had booked a couple of unemployed lads to come on the radio to talk about their experiences. However... neither turned up and without a word as to why. This prompted a flood of emails, texts and phone calls to the radio show, pointing out exactly why these lads were unemployed...

Pub lunch today. Chicken, Ham and Mushroom pie and a pint, to fortify myself for squash of course but also, perhaps more importantly, for parents evening. Which is our last one at the college, unless of course Daughter loves it so much that she goes back to re-sit the year... but she won’t. We have faith, and we'd kill her.

We attempt to bring some of the appointments forward, so that I can make it back in plenty of time for squash but perhaps also in an attempt to outmanoeuvre Daughter and talk to a few of the teachers 'off the record'. It doesn’t work. As we go into the first appointment I’m sure I can hear her sprinting up the stairs. Yep. Here she is.

It all goes pretty much as expected, which is very well. Although still nobody can extract a university decision out of her. She says buy her a bottle of vodka and she’ll push a few buttons when she’s drunk. Hmmm, if I thought this wasn’t just a ruse to get free vodka I’d have gone for that.

It wasn’t worth rushing back for squash. I get slaughtered and I'm not referring to the pub afterwards.

(Thursday 14th April)

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