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Sunday 10 April 2011

Cricket Score

A drive down to Biggleswade this morning for a dog show, which is a fair old trip. Having looked at our schedule for the day I leave late. MD has no courses until mid morning at the earliest. Doggo has one, but I can wing and a prayer it with him without having to get there at 8.30 to walk around it before the class starts.

It is, as predicted, an uneventful morning. Doggo and I do our winging and a praying on his first course. We go clear and in a reasonable time but not quite fast enough to get a placing. Whereas despite the fact I get to walk three courses for MD, he doesn’t gets to run anything before lunch.

Back home though, L has. She’s been in motion. Finishing her Ian McEwan book and then going out for a run. You’d have thought somebody had disturbed her at some ridiculous hour this morning.

It’s hot down here. I’m getting a tan, well sunburn. I should have brought my shorts with me. MD does all four of his runs in the afternoon and makes one mistake in each of the first three. For some reason the weaves cause us a problem today but on the positive side, his tunnels fine. He doesn’t feel the need to bark at any of them today. He also only has one pole down.

His fourth course is a bit of a cricket score, faults wise, but it was hot and he was tired. Overall I’m very pleased with him. So no clears for the young pretender but the old maestro goes clear again in the second of his two runs, although again he’s outside the placings.

(Sunday 10th April)

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