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Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Jury Returns

I’m momentarily delayed getting the bus over to Derby for the match today when the jury finally returns, after the longest period of deliberation in history, and Daughter picks her university. Yay. Good luck to the city of Sheffield, they’re gonna need it. I jest of course...

Derby throw a 2-1 lead away against Burnley, thanks to conceding a penalty when leading, a penalty that came parcelled up nicely with a free sending off. We go on to lose in style, 4-2.

Afterwards I meet L in Derby and we get the bus over to Burton so that she can recce the start line for the Burton 10 miler. She wants to work out whether getting to the start is achievable on a Sunday without the car, which will be with me in Newark as I attempt to get a team to Crufts. The late starting of bus services on a Sunday doesn't help but it is achievable, just. We hope.

The Burton 10 is one of the races on the L's spreadsheet for her 500 mile challenge. That’s 500 miles in her 50th year. That’s 41 miles per month. It's going to be interesting. She resists the urge to name the spreadsheet ‘going to be last.xls’ and names it ‘Fab me.xls’ instead. Love the title. This is a not very well disguised dig at Daughter’s going to University project, in which everything has been entitled ‘going to fail’. Hmmm.

As we’re now in Burton it would be rude not to drop into the Burton Bridge Inn and the Coopers Tavern.

(Saturday 23rd April)

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