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Thursday 7 April 2011

They’re Out

They’re out. Although some cyclists have had them out for weeks, months in some cases, in fact some of them have never put them away at all. The students haven’t obviously and even had them out with flip-flops in the snow. The lads that is, well mostly the lads, but a lot of the girls have them out now as well. Which means the black tights have sadly gone away for a bit but that’s ok, the bare legs are ample compensation. Sorry, getting sidetracked, back to cycling. Yep the legs are out. I’m in my cycling shorts today for the first time this year.

Consequently the weather is not as nice as it was yesterday. Clearly I’ve driven the sun back behind the clouds. Sorry. It’ll probably rain later.

I ponder taking my swimming stuff with me, for after work, but now the nights are lighter I could get the dogs on the park for an hour instead. I’ll do that. I just hope they appreciate it.

Talking of the boys, someone asked L this morning ‘how Ratbag was?’ I thought they meant me but no, they meant MD. He has so many friends.

I’m still having problems in my capacity as team manager for our Crufts qualifiers. The organiser of the Nottingham round has been in touch to tell me that two of my team haven’t bothered entering. I text them. ‘Oh bugger forgot to post it’ one of them says. FFS as Daughter would say. The girl's now put it in the post this morning. The closing date was the 2nd... I hope the organiser is understanding. L keeps telling me ‘girls don't do teams’, I’m starting to believe her.

On the plus side, if either of them don’t get in, MD is first reserve. Yay. L fails to see why this is a plus.

As planned I take the boys on the park where L texts me ‘OMG I need chocolate and fast. Although alcohol would be a good substitute.’ Hard day at work Dear?

She meets me off the park and we have a couple of glasses of substitute. During her second one she asks if she can discuss half marathon training with her personal trainer... Oh, I forget, that's me isn't it. I give her some free advice. She can thank me later.

(Thursday 7th April)

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