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Friday, 8 April 2011

Team Manager’s Prerogative

I abandon plans for a run today because I need to take the car in to the garage for new boots. One tyre is almost bald and I have another long drive on Sunday. I replace the runs by entering the Paws 10k, which is tomorrow and so joining L for a few laps of Cotgrave Country Park.

Naturally you ask a garage to check your tyres and they come back with a list of things you haven’t asked them to look at it. I have a broken suspension spring. Pot holes you know... speed bumps you know... blah blah. I did actually suspect this might be the case. Plus three new tyres = not cheap.

They can do things like suspension. It’s just unfasten a few nuts and bolt a new one on. They all look at their hands when I ask them about why my key fob no longer works or why my interior light keeps blowing its fuse. Yes, I’ve changed the battery on the fob and the bulb for the light. They suggest I take it to Vauxhall for such technical jobs. I almost add that I could of course ask Vauxhall to do my tyres and suspension as well but I don't.

The Crufts Team seems to have been resolved. One stray team member is in, one is out. So I promote myself with MD from reserve into the team. This upsets the other reserve. Tough. Team manager’s prerogative. Anyway, how many clear rounds did her dog get last weekend – Zero, how many for 'Ratbag' - Two. I rest my case.

We stay in and prepare for ‘Paws’ tomorrow, although we’re not entirely AF. I cook but get carried away and heavily spice the Mexican Chicken. I might regret that tomorrow.

(Friday 8th April)

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