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Tuesday 5 April 2011

A Sport In Decline?

We wake up to the sounds of what could be someone trying to hammer a very large nail straight through our roof. Well, L and I wake up. The dogs don’t and nor do Son or Daughter. On closer inspection our water pipes seem to be doing a dance all on their own. The boiler pressure is sky high or when I turn it down, none existence. It’s worked for two years or so, this isn’t a new problem. At least it's picked now to pack up, at least the weather is warmer and I have, thankfully, got the boiler on contract.

It’s possibly too windy to cycle. So I opt out of what might have been a bit of a lively ride unintentionally down the centre of the road to get the bus.

The council keeps telling us that squash is a sport in decline so they won’t invest any money in their squash courts and instead go around closing them whenever the chance arises. Well, this Thursday we can’t get a court anyway. Decline my a***. So we play tonight instead and get the last court available. Opponent has a stinking cold (so he claims), so I adjust my tactics accordingly... lots of running is good for a cold, is it not? It doesn’t work. I don’t think Tuesday’s suit me as regards squash.

(Tuesday 5th April)

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