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Monday, 18 April 2011


Enthused by my 4k with MD yesterday, I resolve that our training continues this morning. Well that was the intention but the poor mite still looked knackered from yesterday, I hadn't the heart to disturb him. I also couldn't get out of bed myself and anyway it was much more enjoyable staying there.

So MD doesn’t get a run nor does he and Doggo get a walk either, both L and I decide to kick the balls for them in the garden instead. Both kids are at home this week, so if the dogs get bored, they have someone at home to pick on.

Dog training tonight, so I miss most of tonight’s live TV game which is QPR v Derby. It's another good performance from Derby, it’s just a shame they couldn’t have played like this all season. Although the 0-0 result probably suited both sides just fine, as QPR edge towards the Premier League and Derby edge towards staying where they are.

All credit to Robbie Savage who for the fourth game in a row against QPR had their Moroccan talisman Adel Taarabt in his pocket. He even posted the proof online.

I’ve never been a Savage fan but he’s done ok at Derby and he will retire at the end of the season with the best wishes of most Derby fans, me included.

I detour on the way home from training to collect L who’s been running with friends in Ockbrook but is now sat all alone in the Royal Oak. I resist the temptation of a quick pint, best to rest the liver after the weekend I think.

(Monday 18th April)

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