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Tuesday 12 April 2011

I’m Getting My Own Drinks

I drop the car off at my parents’ place and run in to work. 5.2 miles. It was good. I’ve no idea why. I even felt quite fit. Again, I’ve no idea why. Seeing as I couldn’t break 43 minutes on Saturday.

Oh great. I’ve just heard that the Wollaton Park leg of the Nottingham Grand Prix, which is four races in nine days, has had to be moved because Wollaton Park is unavailable due to some filming taking place. Intriguing, I wonder what they’re filming. Instead they’re the run to Rushcliffe Country Park, which the organisers claim ‘is always a popular venue’. Not with me! It’s so dull. We now have races two and three both at Rushcliffe Country Park. Purgatory.

L’s self inflicted challenge for the day is to try to get Son to put dinner on by nipping to the shop, buying a whole chicken and popping it in the oven. Doesn’t happen. So, toast all round at home tonight then. Thankfully I’m dining out at my mothers'. I run back there after work, another 5.2 miles.

It’s Derby v Leeds tonight. My squash opponent is a Leeds fan and is predicting a Derby win. I can’t see it myself. He’s so confident that Leeds will lose he’s declined to attend the game, although the £33 ticket price may well have been a factor, and he’s offered to buy multiple rounds if Leeds win. In that case, I may well be supporting Leeds, as its doubtful Derby need the points anyway.

It’s not a bad game and a good performance from Derby, although it’s still 0-0 at half time. During the break ex-Derby favourite Seth Johnson is introduced to the crowd, which went down well in the away end. Not. Super Seth was sold to Leeds during their mad phase when they spent money like water, quickly went bankrupt and got relegated. They paid us a very generous £7M for Seth and he spent most of his time there injured. Then he returned to Derby for nothing, played for practically beer money for a year and got us promoted. Well the getting promoted was a bad idea but he’s still a cult hero around these parts.

Second half, and here we go again, as Leeds score against the run of play. The expected collapse doesn’t happen though and Derby hit back almost immediately with two goals in quick succession. 2-1 and that’s how it finishes. Apparently I’m getting my own drinks.

(Tuesday 12th April)

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