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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Long Way Round

I cycle in this morning and tail a chap for four or five miles until he disappears onto the A52, the main dual carriageway between Nottingham and Derby. He’s probably heading to Pride Park that way. I’ve often been tempted to dice with the (mostly static) traffic that way but never have. Hmmm. I ponder, then go the long way round instead.

If that cyclist’s behaviour seemed daring, the one who passed me on the way home was positively crazy. When I say he passed me, he cheated obviously. I had just passed him in fact and I was sat waiting at the lights, as you do when they’re on red. Particularly when traffic is passing non-stop in both directions in front of you. Not him though, he pedals out into it, causing it to stop to let him through! No wonder cyclists have a bad name. Several car drivers swear at him, one blows his horn but he can’t hear them because he’s got his headphones on. Luckily, for him, no one tried to turn right because if they had I’m sure they wouldn’t have seen him until they hit him.

I get home, hot and sweaty, because it’s turned quite warm today. 20 degrees or so. About ten minutes later L pants in through the front door, also hot and sweaty, having been out for a run. Mmmm. Very endearing. Unfortunately I’m on my way out, MD is booked in for more tunnel aversion therapy tonight. Although I do get to take the sweaty one with me and drop her at her parents for the evening.

(Wednesday 6th April)

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