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Tuesday 21 June 2011


I’m struggling a bit with a tight calf at the moment, not another injury I hope but all the same I’m avoiding running on it. I do get the bike out today though, which doesn’t seem to aggravate it too much.

Later, after training MD for a bit, we head onto the park. That is after giving both dogs twenty minutes or so to recover. For some reason, Doggo who hasn’t been training, is more creased than MD.

L is out at a Jane Austen evening, whatever that is. She does explain but it’s still not clear, at least to me.

We have a long amble around the park, possibly our last before it shuts for the film making. We check out the assorted bit of equipment, tents and fencing that have appeared everywhere. None of which gives much away. I just hope they're getting lots of money for loaning the park out and that they’ll be reinvesting it in the place. Ha ha.

(Tuesday 21st June)

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