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Saturday 4 June 2011


A dog show at Catton Park today, the scene of MD’s near victorious 10k run, and he performs well again on the Catton Park turf. On his first run he’s a mere half a second behind the winner... unfortunately we had a pole down, attempting a manoeuvre we’ve only been practising for a fortnight but the point is, he was quick.

He’s quicker still on run two, only .2 behind the winner but again with a damn pole down and I even held him back on that course once we’d had that pole. So that’s also encouraging.

We have the speed, we just need to keep those paws up when going over those jumps or rather he does.

His last two runs are not so good. Showing we also need to improve our consistency. We have two training sessions this week, plus some homework in the garden and then we’ll be good to go again next Saturday.

Doggo is unlucky, to have me handling him. We pick up just five faults (one set) on each of his two courses and both of them are probably my fault.

A night in tonight, another run tomorrow.

(Saturday 4th June)

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