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Thursday 23 June 2011

Wind Assisted Tennis

MD had it on him this morning and kept throwing his ball under my bike as I was trying to get it out the shed. I’m glad I’m not walking him this morning, although I will be tomorrow.

L suggests that if my calf is too sore I could always cancel tennis and rest it in the pub with her. Tempting. Actually it’s not too bad this morning. I’m happy to rest it in the pub after tennis.

That is if it is tennis. It depends on the weather. Tennis is Plan A but if it rains it’ll be squash, we’ve got a court booked just in case.

By lunchtime, with the weather looking good, we’ve cancelled the squash court and are looking forward to wind assisted Tennis. It doesn’t look like rain but it could be interesting serving with the wind, will never keep the ball in court. At least we’ll have something to blame our bad shots on.

I don’t enjoy the first set - 2-6. I’m not enjoying the second set either at 2-4 but enjoy it more when it becomes 6-5. I warn my opponent that after an hour and a half on court I’m not playing a decider if I win this one. It’ll be dark soon. I don’t, perhaps a lack of motivation is the problem here. I lose on a tie break.

L’s in the gym, probably getting a refresher course as it’s so long since she’s been. Although not as long as since I last went. We all adjourn to the White Hart.

(Thursday 23rd June)

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