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Wednesday 15 June 2011

D-day Approaches

I cycle again despite the dire weather predictions. Oddly I don’t see any rain at all, although L says it rains repeatedly where she is. She’s just unlucky. Hope her luck improves before Friday when she’s swimming and I’m stood on the bank watching because the forecast isn’t promising.

D-day tomorrow. A Level exams. Daughter is studying in the library in town. So it’s serious stuff.

I swim tonight and feel sorry for the poor 13-14 year old lad who was floundering in the fast lane. He hardly seemed to complete a length without stopping half way and standing up. First he only had me to contend with and I passed him almost every length. Then somebody else got in who was faster than me. I was amazed no collisions occurred. You would have at least thought one of the two attendants would have had a quiet word and recommended that he moved down a lane or two.

(Wednesday 15th June)

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